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Heartfelt Exercise

Movement and mindfulness for early motherhood
with Em Hehir

On demand classes 

You can choose the type of practice and length that suits how you want to feel. 

Energise classes incorporate vinyasa yoga or some cardio and plyometrics. 

Strong classes are about building glute, upper body and core strength, to support postnatal recovery and the postural and physical demands of motherhood.

Soothed classes are mellow and restorative. 

Burts are 10 minutes or less!

You can also filter classes for length depending on how much time you have (knowing that once you press play the baby will probably wake up).


Why Heartfelt?

HF movement is designed to build strength, ease pain, improve mobility and feel embodied.

Guided mindfulness practices support the psychological demands of early motherhood.

Practice yoga and pilates in the length of a Bluey episode, or longer if you can swing it.

All practices are between 5 and 30 minutes.

All for $29 a month, so if you don't get to use it as regularly as you hoped, it won't break the mat leave/part time work budget. 

About Em

I have thousands of hours of yoga and pilates under my belt.

I also have two kids, this business and part time work and study (in education), so I totally get the need for on demand, micro length movement practices.

I have trained in vinyasa yoga, mobility yoga, restorative yoga, yin yoga, pre and postnatal specific movement and also mat pilates. 

I have studied meditation and mindfulness with many teachers, gurus and experts over the years. I have used it effectively to support my experience of anxiety and depression and I want busy mums to feel it is accessible and supportive.



Em’s classes are the best. Super welcoming and accepting. Great tunes. Great laughs. I love the combination of aerobic workout and yoga flow. Highly recommended.


 Em makes everyone feel so comfortable (babies included) and creates such a warm environment that any nerves are soon forgotten. I have always left Em’s class feeling strong, stretchy and refreshed.


Can I report I went to Em's class and it was brilliant. Great teaching, positivity flowing in the room, and I felt like I actually exercised.



What it's all about

I started Heartfelt because I wanted to move regularly with less hassle. 

I know you want to feel embodied, strong and calm - without the guilt, shitty weight loss/ bounce back diet talk. Without scrolling YouTube for instructors you don't connect with. From home, when you want - or at least when you can fit it in. Motivation starts to feel natural when you start feeling good in yourself.

Through new weekly practices, I help you feel more connected to your body, informed by safe and precise alignment, infused with freedom and fun.

I haven't moved much in a while

Heartfelt classes are totally scaled. 

We meet you where you are at, whether you're keen to get back into vinyasa or just returning slowly and restoring strength and confidence. 

I want a proper workout

Just because you've had a baby, doesn't mean you're broken. 

So many pre/postnatal classes have felt quite boring to me.

If you're keen to challenge yourself, that option is always there for you!


I'm no longer 'postnatal'

"My kid is like 3!"

Once postnatal, always postnatal.

No one needs specifically designed yoga + pilates more than parents of toddlers. 

Heartfelt classes are designed specifically to support bodies that have grown and birthed babies, and then have to feed and carry them around for years!


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